Happy Thanksgiving to our American crew and passengers! I hope you have a wonderful day with your families and eat far too much.

I have plenty to be thankful for, not least all the support I receive from you who have joined me on this starship voyage. I’m also thankful for the ability and time to craft my stories.

I had hoped to publish one of them this week, but sadly A Very Carrie Christmas is waiting on a cover. My cover designer for the Carrie Hatchett series is AWOL, but hopefully he’ll be in contact again soon with an eye-catching festive creation.

The good news is, one of my stories is appearing next week in the science fiction anthology, The Guardian. This is the third publication of its kind from the editor, Alasdair Shaw. Alasdair publishes only the best of all the submissions he receives, and he’s offering advance reader copies (ARCs) to readers who are interested in reviewing the book. If you’d like to be considered for a free ARC copy, please reply to this email with a link to one of your Amazon reviews.

Speaking of Christmas, one of my tasks this week was to organise your gifts! I’ve a free story based in the Shadows of the Void universe, reader competitions and other goodies lined up, so remember to keep a lookout for my pre-Christmas emails.

Returning to the present, did you see the news that astronomers have spotted a rocky visitor from another solar system? It got me wondering whether living visitors from other planets had ever been to Earth. Are they still here? What do you think?

Before you click on the link to join the discussion, check out this week’s latest science fiction bargains. Both Zen DiPietro and S.M. Schmitz are respected authors in their fields, and they’re offering great 99-cent deals.

Selling Out

Begin a fun, exciting epic science fiction series that spans an entire galaxy. Selling Out continues the Dragonfire Station universe with Cabot’s story.

It’s all just fun and games unless a profit can be made.

Cabot Layne is a trader, through and through. Some might call him a pirate, but he never breaks the law. He only bends it. One thing’s for sure–he’s certainly no hero. Except a certain BlackOps officer seems to think he is, and sends him off on a mission only a trader can pull off.

That only a very good trader can pull off.

War is good for business.

Cabot’s not concerned with the safety of an allied planet, or even the PAC itself–everyone knows guys like him are privateers who only care about themselves. But if he can save the planet and make a profit too…well, that might not hurt his reputation too much.

Sometimes a shady guy needs to play good guy.
Embark on a feel-good adventure with fun, humor, and endearingly criminal characters!

Snap up a copy here.

The Cambria Code

All three books of this science fiction romance trilogy in one box set!

Discovering we’re not alone in the universe can be a blessing and a curse.

When a mysterious spaceship appears above Cambria, Zoe remains skeptical that it’s anything but an elaborate hoax. By the time the first spaceship is joined by two others, Zoe finally admits that Earth has been invaded, even though it’s a pretty lame invasion: The aliens look remarkably human and keep to themselves. From what reporters are able to learn about them, they seem incredibly arrogant and boring anyway.

When Zoe meets Peyton, the Security Chief for Earth’s newest residents, her opinion of them finally begins to shift, although she is reluctant to become involved with someone who isn’t even human. But she soon discovers that these aliens are far more dangerous than they’ve led everyone to believe, and the secrets they are hiding may signal the destruction of her entire planet.

Includes Peyton’s Myth, Peyton’s Promise, and Peyton’s Light

Grab a copy here.

What’s Coming Up?

Many thanks to everyone who contributed cold cures for Carrie Hatchett to try. There were some very unusual and slightly alarming ideas, including mushroom soup using suspect mushrooms and a wide range of excuses to drink neat spirits. Rest assured that every single one will appear in the book.

More delectable covers are in the pipeline. Here’s the first draft of a cover for my Star Mage saga. December’s going to be busy!

Happy reading!