Time for some more science fiction book bargains! Family matters have been occupying me since I last wrote. My eldest son and his girlfriend are visiting. I love to see them both, even if two of my sons do escape into virtual worlds from time to time.

In whatever free time I have available, I’ve been writing Carrie Hatchett, Space Adventurer book 5, and I need your help again! Carrie has a terrible cold throughout the book and a running (pun intended) joke is that she tries every weird and wonderful cold cure she can think of. If you know of an outlandish or odd cure for a cold, please let me know on Facebook or by email.

But before you write down your tried and trusted ancient family recipe, check out this week’s 99-cent science fiction book bargains. First up is space colonisation new release Tyche’s Flight by Richard Parry, which is doing very well at Amazon.

Second in line are eight comedy science fiction novellas in one low-priced bundle. The Quest for More Pew is discounted for a limited time. The prequel to my next humorous science fiction series appears in this book, so if you pick up a copy, please don’t forget that reviews are always appreciated.

Tyche’s Flight

A colony world goes dark.

Grace Gushiken is a grifter and a liar. Worse, she’s an esper, an abhorrent creation of the Old Empire. Grace keeps her blade sharp and her wits sharper. She’s on the run from the Republic’s justice.

Nathan Chevell captains the free trader Tyche, an ex-war heavy lifter. He’s no pirate, but he’s no white knight either. An encounter with espers saw him discharged from the Emperor’s Black before the real fighting even started.

When the crew of the Tyche are hired to deliver a new transmitter for a downed Guild Bridge, Grace hitches a ride. They find the Absalom Delta colony deserted, its people turned into slaves by the insect-like Ezeroc. The aliens have descended like locusts on humanity, consuming all in their path. No one is safe. Even the Republic Navy is powerless against them.

Facing an impossible foe, odds are stacked against the Tyche. The ship and her crew need to test their skill and their luck to survive. Will Grace and Nate be able to work together to get away? Or will fears and rivalries from the past destroy humanity’s hopes, ceding victory to the Ezeroc?

Tyche’s Flight is the first book in Richard Parry’s gripping Tyche’s Journey trilogy. If you like page-turning space opera with great dialogue and heart-pumping action, get your copy here!

The Quest for More Pew

8 Comedic Space Opera Adventures of Space Monsters, Dashing Heroes, and a Healthy Dose of WTF!

Dodging Fate: Escape from my Fishwife – by Zen DiPietro

Spellslinger – by Chris Fox

The Galaxy needs a Hero. Wesley isn’t that guy

Crash – by James S. Aaron

Let’s get ready to Crash!

Trash Beings of the Galaxy, Unite! by J.J. Green

Can Jaquil ditch his dungarees, escape the clutches of shady corporate entities and find his place within the trash gang?

Miss Planet Earth – by S.E Anderson

Katra Zorento overslept the Milky Way’s first ever Miss Universe pageant by 13,000 years.

The Gli+chover – by Drew Avera

After a devastatingly crushing, utterly suicidal, incredibly stupid trip to Europa, Ben returns to Earth embarrassed and defeated.

For the Love of Llama – by TM Toombs

Commander Mia Cochran, relegated to garbage scow duty, is forced to blackmail her captain and commandeer his ship to locate and steal a psychoactive contraband.

Delta Team: The Disknee World – by M. D. Cooper

Lashes has seen a lot of things, but nothing quite prepared her for The Disknee World.

Grab a copy here.

What’s Coming Up?

The next destination for our starship is the planet where new book covers are made. I’m currently working with three designers to arrange new covers in my Carrie Hatchett and Shadows of the Void series, as well as my forthcoming Star Mage Saga (the alien landscape heading this newsletter is to be used for the first book). See the new cover for The Galathea Chronicles here. I’d love to hear what you think.

I’m also writing a short story to be included in an anthology–my last for a while. My work appeared in six anthologies this year, and though not all of it was newly written, I still feel I spent too long away from writing my own series. I’m going to remedy that problem soon. Watch this space.

Happy reading!

P.S. If you never read the first Shadows of the Void book, you can pick up Generation now for 99 cents.