My warp engines are going into overdrive. Burned, Shadows of the Void Book 6, is nearly ready to appear. I had a lot of fun writing this book, and I have a very good feeling about it.

As always, I’ll make a short post—probably on Monday—to let you know when you can get it at the 48-hour new release price.

Meanwhile, I have another new release, a great bargain, and a couple of promotions for you. Do you remember Felix R. Savage’s Freefall, which I told you about a couple of months ago? Felix has released the sequel, Lifeboat, and it’s zooming up the Amazon rankings.

Another great book is Aurora Springer’s Grand Master Pawn, for only 99 cents.

Stranded on Europa, a broken crew of astronauts must defeat an alien menace to get home.

After two years aboard the Spirit of Destiny, tensions among the elite international crew are at breaking point. Despite the obvious need to stay professional and united, as they approach the mysterious alien spaceship orbiting Europa, pilot Jack Kildare is acutely aware that not all the members of the crew may wish the best for the mission. There may be a saboteur on board, and he knows of at least one spy: the astrophysicist Skyler Taft.

An attack from long-range alien weaponry cripples the Spirit of Destiny, forcing Jack to disobey orders to save the ship. Now he has to face the fact that the broken crew is the least of his worries. With the risky maneuver that saved the ship putting him dead center of the commander’s crosshairs, and the crew attempting to hold together the t

attered remnants of their unity to investigate the alien spaceship, Jack finds himself selected for the most dangerous mission of all… descending to Europa’s surface to find out what lurks under the ice.

As the voyage of discovery unravels into a desperate battle for survival, Jack races the clock to decode the secrets behind the alien intrusion. Will he find the truth in time to save the crew? Or will the thin threads of companionship snap under the strain of Skyler Taft gunning for his knowledge… or his blood?

ABOUT LIFEBOAT: Lifeboat is the second book of a fast-paced quartet of technothrillers, following. Freefall. It contains hard science fiction elements in the tradition of The Martian and other science-based thrillers. You won’t need a calculator to follow the story, but if you’d like to build a spaceship to the Spirit of Destiny’s specifications, it really will take you to Jupiter! ($300 billion budget not included.)

One young woman challenges the super psychics ruling the galaxy, and finds an impossible love.

Young empath, Violet Hunter, dreams of exploring exotic planets as a Grand Master’s pawn. When life-threatening cracks appear in the teleportal web, Violet is tasked with investigating the disruption. Suspicions point to the twelve Grand Masters, and she must penetrate their curtain of secrecy to identify the culprit. Her challenges escalate when she meets the enigmatic man behind the griffin avatar. Armed with only her erratic powers and a mishmash of allies, she must challenge the most powerful beings in the galaxy.

Reminiscent of the science fiction stories of Andre Norton, Violet’s perilous adventures are sweetened by romance and a sprinkle of laughter.


But that isn’t all! Not one but two promotions are featuring in my email this week. Tomorrow, on 7th January, the monthly Scifi & Fantasy Book Promotion starts. Over 100 books are discounted to 99 cents. Most are already discounted, but please check before you buy. Click here to make your selection at your favourite retailer.

If you’re like me and you love to read short stories while having a break or before going to sleep (because if you start a novel at bedtime, you’re still reading at three in the morning), then go here to pick up some free shorts in a range of genres.

How is the new year progressing for you? Did you make any resolutions? Have you managed to stick to them so far? I have to confess I didn’t promise to change any bad habits, and I’m usually in bed before the fireworks start on New Year’s Eve, but we had a wonderful New Year’s Day. It was sunny, warm and clear, and perfect weather for kite-flying.

I hope life is treating you well wherever you are.

Happy reading!