The ship’s captain is tired but happy after a long weekend at the 20Booksto50K writers’ conference in Las Vegas. I had an amazing time and the 30+ hours spent flying there and back were well worth it.

Though I was fogged with jetlag most of the time, I loved meeting my ‘tribe’ especially Michael Anderle, Lindsay Buroker, Craig Martelle, Jonathon Brazee, Richard Fox and many others. You can see some snaps here.

Writing craft, advertising, motivation and indie publishing options were a few of the presentation topics, but the highlight of the event for me was meeting these heroes of mine and other writers I’d only communicated with via the internet.

Another writer I met up with was Michael Cooper, who publishes as M.D. Cooper and who I already knew through Facebook conversations. Michael and I discussed a joint project that I’ll tell you about in the What’s Coming Up? section.

Meanwhile, take a look at these two great books discounted to 99 cents this week. One is Michael’s Rita Redeemed. I included the first book in this series in a previous newsletter, and although Michael says it can be read as a standalone, he also gave me the tip that the first book is discounted on Friday.

The second book is by another writer I met at the conference: Lori Johnson. Lori’s book is hilarious comic science fiction. Yes, that is a neon octopus on the cover.

Rika Redeemed

Rika is a Marauder. 

After years of drifting aimlessly after the war with the Nietzscheans, she has finally found a home with the Marauders—a mercenary outfit comprised of Genevian veterans.

Back in the war, Rika hated her government, but always fought for the woman next to her. Now she fights for her teammates in Basilisk, an elite spec-ops team that takes on the toughest missions.

When General Mill, CO of the Marauders comes to Rika with a top-secret solo operation, she wants to turn it down. But the mission comes with a chance to save Silva, her old team leader from the Nietzschean war.

Without team Basilisk, without the Marauders, Rika must stand on her own against all odds and save the woman who once saved her.

Download your copy here.

Destroyer of Planets

Enter a galaxy full of snarky comebacks, inappropriate use of tentacles, and a mythical warrior girl on the edge in this fast-paced, Douglas Adams style space romp.

A life of captivity is getting to Kirian, the self-styled Destroyer of Planets. She has never actually destroyed any planets, but getting to choose your own title is one of the few perks you get when you work against your will for an evil Octopus Overlord.

In an attempt to regain her freedom, Kirian defies her tentacled boss and secretly saves Ari, the human she is supposed to kill. Can the two of them and a band of misfits join forces to thwart the Octopus Overlord? And can a revolutionary rock song from an illegal grunge band save a planet?

Grab a copy here.

What’s Coming Up?

Time for writing was scarce this week, what with the conference and everything. I did manage a little of Carrie Hatchett, Space Adventurer Book 5, and posted a snippet from the first chapter here.

The interruption to my routine, though it was very welcome, has put me behind schedule. That would only matter to me ordinarily, but I have other writers to consider now. I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be collaborating with Michael Cooper on at least one novel set in his Aeon 14 universe!

More on that in a later newsletter. For now, it’s nose back to the grindstone.

Happy reading!

P.S. As soon as I publish the first book in my next science fiction series I’ll be removing Shadows of the Void from Kindle Select. If you’re interested in reading these books, please be aware that they won’t be available to borrow indefinitely.